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Enterprise Data Management

We help organizations create, manage, and dissect data for all applications and processes. When good data is captured, we get great insights. We help in developing or acquiring the right data to create strong Data Framework. Captured data is well structured and integrated. Data governance models are put in place to ensure security and quality is maintained.

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Advanced Analytics


Make sense of all the data captured and enrich it with the knowledge of domain experts. This gives organizations  a holistic view of data.

Data scientist will crunch the numbers and come up with a combination of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics which will help identify the patterns that form the basis of actionable insights.


Analytics Edge

Everything is better with data. Re-Evaluation of business processes and structures are key. Insights-driven actions are most valuable when widely adopted. Technology and infrastructure, as well as organization and governance, are the enablers that help organizations take sustained action on the insights from advanced analytics and create impact.


Why Datasmith Labs ?

More than statistical models and data, we understand underlying industry economics, customer needs, and competitive dynamics. This knowledge enables us to translate insights from analytics into real-world strategies and impact for clients, ultimately changing how everyone, from the executive suite to the front lines, makes decisions.

Our Approach

Our consultants, data scientists, engineers, and analysts work closely to enable clients to identify and capture opportunities in their data. we are fully technology agnostic and able to work with our clients’ preferred technologies and platforms. Once tools and models are implemented, we focus on capability building and skill transferring to ensure analytics becomes a sustained competitive advantage.


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